A Bunch Of Badasses Come Together In This HELL OR HIGH WATER Trailer

Ben Foster and Chris Pine do it all for their momma.

This trailer for Hell or High Water, a movie starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster which I am just now hearing about for the first time, commits a lot of crimes. Watch it and see if you can figure out what they are:

For one, this is like the second trailer just today to feature a slowed down version of some old song, a trope that felt old a year ago yet seems very much in play. Two, Jeff Bridges is still holding onto his True Grit garble voice thing. And three, it has one of those trailer before the trailer things.

All that aside, however, there might be something there. Hell or High Water could just as easily be awful though. This is definitely one of those trailers that shows just enough for the actual move to go either way. I’ll tell you this much though, it does feature a game of Horseshoes, something you don’t see every day (and the guy gets pretty close, which I understand counts for something in this game).

Hell or High Water comes out August 12, where it hopes to woo old people who are tired of a summer filled with explosions and R-rated comedies.