Phil and Evan go head to head in this discussion of Marvel’s latest.

Phil and I are good friends. Or we used to be. This podcast on Captain America: Civil War caused a rift in that friendship that I fear will never be mended. From now on, we are enemies. And if I ever see him in real life, I’m going to kick him in the butt.

Okay, not really. Phil and I get along very well, and I’m not even sure we disagree on much when it comes to this movie. But you might find yourself disagreeing with us a little. While we both really like the film, there are some rough spots worth mentioning, and we mention the shit out of them.

We also ended this podcast with no clear idea of what we will cover next week. We may not have an episode at all. Part of the problem is a big cross-country move for me that's about to happen. The other part is Phil killed my dad back when he was a sleeper soldier, and I’m still sore about it.