THE NEON DEMON Gets A Steamy Red Band Trailer

This movie looks like diamond trash, and that’s a good thing.

Just on luscious, colorful visuals alone, The Neon Demon is a must see movie. Forget the fact that it’s from Nicolas Winding Refn. It just looks gorgeous. Okay, now remember that’s from Nicolas Winding Refn, and get excited about that aspect of it as well.

We already had a couple nice looks at the film, but today gifts us with a red band trailer that shows off way more Jena Malone, a little more Keanu Reeves, and some doses of nudity missing from the green band. Check it out:

This looks crazy trashy, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. The trailers so far only hint at the violent left turns this movie will take, which is a consideration I’m thankful for. This is a Refn movie, after all. It’s not going to play as expected, and I want to save the surprises for the big screen.

We can all get that opportunity when the film comes out June 24.