DON’T KILL IT Trailer: Dolph Ludgren Struggles With His Own Advice; No One Else Does

People Getting Destroyed: The Movie.

DTV movies get a bad rap for being generally cheap and usually cheesy. But if you’re been reading this site for any amount of time, you should probably know I’m always looking for those diamonds in the DTV rough. Often, they star Dolph Lundgren.

And based on this trailer, one of his new movies - this one wonderfully called Don’t Kill It - could be one of those diamonds:

We’re only a few moments into this sucker before people are getting blown away all over the place. Some of the gore looks awful, but that’s still rather commendable. In fact, shit’s so gratuitous that it almost seems like a bonus when Dolph Lundgren finally shows up as a weirdly-accented demon hunter.

I like what I’m seeing here, even if all I’m seeing is an especially gory episode of Supernatural. Hopefully the finished film lives up to the insanity seen here. And if not, at least we get a movie where Dolph rubber bullets a priest for throwing holy water on him.