Jennifer Lawrence Could Break Into The All-Lady OCEAN’S ELEVEN

And get this: it's not a reboot.

Gary Ross is attached to direct a new Ocean's Eleven movie, but this time with an all-female crew of heisters, and according to The Tracking Board his Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence may be part of the gang. The site is reporting that Lawrence is 'up for' a role, which is a vague term, but her previous experience with Ross could make this more than a wishlist situation. 

That isn't the most interesting part of the story, though. The Tracking Board says this won't be a reboot, like the all-female Ghostbusters, but rather a spin-off from Steven Soderbergh's movies. Sandra Bullock will be the lead, and her character will be playing Danny Ocean's sister. Looks like criminality runs in that family. Lawrence would be playing her right hand woman, aka the Brat Pitt character. 

I like the idea of it as a spin-off rather than a reboot, especially because that means we could see a sequel that brings together both casts - we could have an Ocean's Eleveen Cinematic Universe!