Mothra Wept: Gareth Edwards Walks Away From GODZILLA 2

Rodan may have wept as well, but no one cares.

We just learned that Godzilla 2 will arrive nine months later than expected. It was a hard hit, but we’re grown ups, right? We got over it and moved on. This, however... this one is just unfair, and I no longer believe in God.

Deadline reports that Gareth Edwards will not direct Godzilla 2 after all. Apparently everything is cool between him, Warner Bros and Legacy, but nobody asked if it was cool with me.

Edwards directed the first of these new Godzilla movies and knocked it out of the park so hard they let him direct a Star Wars movie. It sounds like perhaps the heat of two giant movies like that was too much for him, and he would like to vacation with a smaller scale movie instead of just jumping into a Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan battle royale.

It’s understandable but also a bummer. I love Edwards and think he has a very respectful approach to monster movies while also updating them for modern audiences in ways that makes everyone happy. I was hoping to see if he could do the impossible and make me like Rodan, but now that job will belong to some other jabroni. Good luck, jabroni!