OFFICER DOWNE Is Coming, And We Have Exclusive Pics To Prove It

Producer Mark Neveldine: “Makes CRANK look like TERMS OF ENDEARMENT”.

Deadpool’s not the only R-rated comic book movie to come out this year (and no, I’m not referring to Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman director’s cut). We’re also getting a hardcore adaptation of a hardcore comic called Officer Downe, the story of a Los Angeles cop who keeps kicking ass despite dying over and over again.

Officer Downe will be played by Sons of Anarchy actor Kim Coates. Crank co-director Mark Neveldine is producing, and the film was directed by non-other than Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan. From what Neveldine tells us, the film is going to be unrelenting, awesome, and super duper R-rated. Check out some exclusive photos:

Hopefully a trailer for Officer Downe will be hitting soon to give us an idea just how much R-rated insanity the movie offers. In the meantime, I do enjoy seeing Coates rocking that mustache-sunglasses combo.