Ryan Coogler/Michael B Jordan Streak To Continue In BLACK PANTHER

The duo stick together as Jordan joins the MCU.

Michael B Jordan has signed on for Black Panther, the Ryan Coogler-directed feature about the breakout star of Captain America: Civil War. Coogler and Jordan have worked together on every one of Coogler's features, so this makes them three-for-three. And it makes me very happy. 

The Hollywood Reporter doesn't know which character Jordan will play but they hear it's a villain. If that's the case the good money is on Killmonger, Black Panther's earliest archivillain. A Wakandan whose family was exiled to the United States, Killmonger (birth name N'Jadaka) was consumed with a seething hatred for T'Challa, who did the exiling. He vowed revenge, became an elite martial artist and a technical genius (he made himself Batman, basically) and then set about battling the Panther, eventually fomenting a coup d'etat in Wakanda. Killmonger makes a lot of sense on many levels, not the least being that as a Wakandan who has been exiled from his native land he has a unique perspective on that country's re-entry onto the global stage. 

This news comes on the heels of Lupita Nyong'o entering negotiations for a role; with Chadwick Boseman already debuted at the Panther this cast is just shaping up to be incredible. 

And by the way, this would be the second Human Torch to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Makes you think.