Tom Hiddleston Apparently Hung Out With Bond Director Sam Mendes The Other Day

Clearly this means he's playing the next 007.

Listen, guys, I know the Daily Mail is garbage. I know when they say “Tom Hiddleston spotted meeting with Bond director Sam Mendes” that it means less than nothing, as we all witnessed Mr. Mendes expend the very last of his 00-fucks on screen in the wildly wrongheaded final third of Spectre. We know that who Mendes does or doesn’t meet with these days means about as much to the Bond franchise as what I had for breakfast this morning. (Yogurt; fruit; coffee, very black.)

But I know you guys love your Tom Hiddleston, with his mischievous smile and his cute little butt. So here I am, becoming part of the problem and sharing this non-news that Hiddleston apparently met with Sam Mendes in London the other day. Big deal. What’s weird and interesting is that by the time the story makes it to the Independent (by way of the Mirror), Hiddleston’s London meeting is with Mendes and 007 executive producer Barbara Broccoli. True? Who knows; the Mirror’s main contribution to journalism seems to be racy shots of balloon-titted models of whom I’ve never heard.

How you guys feeling about Hiddleston these days? Think he’d make a good 007th 007? I like what he says about Bond in a recent Esquire:

...he represents an archetype...there's this idea of British strength which doesn't draw attention to itself but gets the job done. That's our brand.

We know it's inelegant to blow your own trumpet and impolite to show how much you care, and yet we expect you to win! You don't find it in France or Spain.'

That's not a bad take, honestly. I’m definitely not opposed to Hiddleston taking the reins (I’ve yet to check out The Night Manager), but I really do want one last 007 adventure with Craig, possibly for deeply personal/pathological reasons.

In any event, today’s non-news is a good excuse to remind you that Hiddleston’s High-Rise hits theaters today. Go see it!