ASSASSIN’S CREED Movie Is Mostly Set In The Modern Day

For some stupid fucking reason.

What's the worst part of any Assassin's Creed game? Easy: the modern day stuff. In these games you play a modern day dude who ends up involved with a corporation called Abstergo Industries that has developed "the Animus," a technology that allows you to virtually travel back in time through your own genetics and relive the lives of your ancestors. It's really tedious stuff - in one of the games the Abstergo business has you working in a fucking video game design company - but you kind of blow through it to get to the meat of the games, which is all the exciting action in the past. Which is what you would think the movie would do as well, right?

Not so fast!

While on the set of the movie IGN talked to executive producer Pat Crowley who said that 65% of the movie - that's well over half! - would be set in the present day, with the remaining 35% in the past. 


Who wants that? Who played an Assassin's Creed game, put down the controller and said, "All of that parkour and action and assassins and exotic locations and historical figures was fine... but I really would like to know more about Abstergo, and what their stock dividends are like."

I find myself regularly baffled that Ubisoft, the company that publishes Assassin's Creed games, still includes Abstergo in the new releases. But that's nothing compared to the bafflement that most of this movie is going to take place in a corporate setting. I just do not care about that stuff. even if that stuff has Michael Fassbender learning ninja moves in the past to use today. I've already seen The Matrix, guys.