Harley Quinn Is Getting A Spin-Off Movie

Featuring the women of DC Comics.

I've heard a lot of things about Suicide Squad - good and bad - but the one thing I keep hearing is that Margot Robbie is great as Harley Quinn. And it seems as if that buzz has been backed up by a story in The Hollywood Reporter; the trade is saying that Warner Bros is developing a Harley Quinn spin-off film. 

But it won't be just Harley; according to THR the movie will actually feature many of the female heroes and villains of the DC universe, with Batgirl and Birds of Prey being name dropped (for the curious: while Birds of Prey originally consisted of just Black Canary and Oracle (ie, Batgirl after she was crippled by the Joker), the name has since been brought to a larger team whose members have included Lady Blackhawk, Hawk, Dove, Huntress, Hawkgirl and more). That makes some sense, as it's not clear just how you'd balance a whole movie on Harley's Quinn's shoulders. 

Here's what's cool: Margot Robbie herself got this movie started. She so fell in love with the female characters of the DCU that she hired a writer (an unnnamed woman) to work with her on the concept and present it to Warner Bros. This little tidbit - that this movie was spawned by real enthusiasm - is the best news I've heard about the DC Movieverse in a while.