Steven Spielberg Explains Why THE LOST WORLD (And His Other Sequels) Aren’t As Good

Even though they’re still better than most people’s movies.

Steven Spielberg has a big movie coming out, which means he’s on the interview circuit. And right now, The New York Times has a great one that you should all read.

Spielberg goes into a few interesting things here, but one of the best is his candid and humble explanation for why his sequels don’t work quite as well as his other movies:

My sequels aren’t as good as my originals because I go onto every sequel I’ve made and I’m too confident. This movie made a ka-zillion dollars, which justifies the sequel, so I come in like it’s going to be a slam dunk and I wind up making an inferior movie to the one before. I’m talking about “The Lost World” and “Jurassic Park.”

He specifically refers to The Lost World, but I feel Crystal Skull is implied here too. This is remarkable not just for its honesty, but also the idea that Spielberg is just as human as the rest of us. Sometimes you get cocky and screw up! At least when it happens to Spielberg, we still get that awesome double T-Rex trailer attack.

I can’t recommend the rest of that interview enough, by the way. Spielberg gets into some great topics such as diversity in Hollywood, the anti-semitism of BFG author Roald Dahl, and more of his thoughts on superhero movies. It’s a great read.