Nicolas Winding Refn Is Producing A Remake Of THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL

Prediction: this thing is gonna be gnarly.

According to Deadline, Nicolas Winding Refn and Rupert Preston are teaming up to produce a remake of Michael Reeves' The Witchfinder General.

The 1968 original, released just a year before Reeves' untimely death, was released in the US as The Conqueror Worm (best movie title ever? I think so) and was based on the terrifying true story of Matthew Hopkins, a 17th century lunatic who spent the English Civil War hunting down, torturing, and murdering ladies who were suspected of being witches (note: witches are not real). 

Dude was a real prick, in other words - a real life monster! - and if you're curious to know more, a good start would be this post by my friend Meredith Borders.

Vincent Price starred in the original, but may be unavailable to reprise the role. Beyond that, all we know is that Refn is considering whether or not this new Witchfinder General should be contemporized. We can also safely assume that, should this film get made (the plan is to track down a director amenable to the film's $5-10M budget and shoot next year), it's gonna be gnarly. And also probably problematic. 

Stay tuned for updates as they arrive. While you're waiting, here's the trailer for the original.