TRANSFORMERS 5 Has A Title And Also There Is No God And The World Is Full Of Suffering

And get this: some people think the logo's teasing a major crossover!

Yesterday, the official title and logo for Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie was revealed. 

It is extremely exciting. 

As you can see, the title and logo include a whopping twenty-five letters, along with a sword, which is a device commonly used by gigantic robots who are engaged in battle with other gigantic robots. 

If you're like me, you've spent a lot of time (read: almost three moments) attempting to divinate some sort of meaning from that sword, only to find yourself utterly baffled by its presence in the title treatment for a film that will actively seek to insult the intelligence of its viewers. Lucky for all of us, then, that Forbes has some theories about what all of this might mean:

First of all, notice the new font.

Yeah, sure. OK. Done. 

Previous Transformers movies have featured lettering in line with the toy logos; this looks like it comes from something altogether different.

What?! Why would they change it now?!

Why change it now?

That's what I just said!

Well, it could be simply just a brand refresh, but I suspect otherwise. More on that in just a moment. 

Secondly, who is the last knight?

All these questions...

Well, the logo contains the sword that Optimus found on the alien ship in the last movie, and since he wielded it in battle, it’s reasonable to assume he’s the last knight.

This is disappointing. I wanted the last knight to be Garrett Hedlund. But go on.

Except that he’s never been called that, and the sword technically doesn’t belong to him. In fact, Age of Extinction ended with him heading into space – newly empowered to do so by the sword and its attendant upgrades – to search for its owner.

(stares directly into the sun for ten minutes, praying for death)

So, toy fans: who do we know that can travel through space thanks to his armor, is the last of a race of knights, and uses a blockier font for his logo?

If you're thinking Garrett Hedlund, you're wrong. It turns out that none other than Rom, Space Knight can travel through space thanks to his armor, is the last of a race of knights, and uses a blockier font for his logo (side note: I don't think Rom's choosing his own font, but that's neither here nor there). Forbes goes on to point out that Hasbro owns the rights to Rom, Space Knight, and that he's slated to be a part of Paramount's shared Transformers universe, along with G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., the Micronauts, and the Visionaries. 

I will stand by every ounce of mockery I lay at the foot of the Transformers franchise, but y'know...maybe Forbes is onto something here. We heard about this "shared Transformers universe" a while back, and things have been quiet on that front ever since. Supposedly, an entire roomful of writers have spent the interim kicking around ideas for said universe, and it would stand to reason that the next Transformers film would serve as a perfectly good place to introduce the next offshoot of that universe. You couldn't just introduce Rom, Space Knight all willy-nilly; you wanna piggyback him onto a known property.

So, is there anything to this? Eh, probably. But do you really give a shit? 

Transformers: The Last Knight arrives June 23, 2017. It will be followed by two more Transformers movies in 2018 and 2019.