Watch The First Four Minutes Of PREACHER Right Now

The other 40 minutes arrives this Sunday.

This weekend, we're finally going to get a look AMC's Preacher, from the creative team of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Early word on the series was strong (read Meredith's review out of SXSW here), and reviews hitting the internet this week have been just as glowing. By all accounts and against all odds, Goldberg and Rogen really seem to have pulled this thing off. That's great news!

It also makes the wait even harder. Thankfully, AMC's decided to ease our pain by uploading the first four minutes of Preacher's pilot to YouTube. Check it out.

What do you guys think? I love that opening. Love the punchline (punch-splosion?) to the church sequence in Africa. I'm even starting to warm up to the idea of Dominic Cooper playing Jesse Custer! What's here looks solid, and I'm very eager to see more. 

How about you guys? I know I haven't been shy about expressing my skepticism over this venture, but I am now ready to believe. Fingers crossed that Goldberg and Rogen have pulled it off. I mean, how cool would it be if we had a no-shit amazing episode of Preacher to look forward to every Sunday night?