John Boyega Is NOT Circling BLACK PANTHER

Sorry to break your hearts.

Yesterday a rumor spread online that John Boyega, star of Attack the Block and another movie or two, was in talks to appear in Black Panther, the upcoming boundary-breaking Marvel movie. That film, according to Marvel Studios prez Kevin Feige, will have a cast that is 90% African or African-American, and adding Boyega to a cast list that already boasts Chadwick Boseman, MIchael B. Jordan and probably Lupita Nyong'o would be HUGE. It would be a cavalcade of young black stars whose wattage would make Black Panther one of the buzziest movies of the year. 

But I have some bad news: Boyega is not in talks to appear in Black Panther. I have now spoken to three sources within Marvel and all agree - they'd love to do something with Boyega, but as of right now that's not Black Panther

How did this start? Boyega got on his social media and talked about taking a meeting. Then Kevin Feige, a very big Star Wars fan, followed him on Twitter. And thus was born a rumor, from nothing more than those two things. And because the rumor was so good - who doesn't want Boyega in a Marvel movie? - everybody believed it. Normally I don't like doing debunking stories but a) this didn't arise from a real scoop and b) I'm worried people will actually be disappointed when Boyega isn't in the movie if the rumor keeps spreading.

Hey, things may change. And I'm sure Marvel will bring Boyega into the fold at some point. But as of right now, it's not happening in Black Panther. (By the way is it weird that everybody automatically thought it was Black Panther and not, say, Thor: Ragnarok?)