New THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Promises A Serious Amount Of Purging Action

Everybody just purging out the wazoo.

We’ve been very fortunate when it comes to trailers for The Purge: Election Year. First we had a pretty standard (but good!) trailer that introduced the main plot. Then we got a trolling political ad that very purposefully aired during a GOP debate. Now we have a new trailer that puts them both together and adds a ton of violence for good measure:

Things don’t really get new until the second half, but it’s worth the wait. While I appreciated The Purge: Anarchy’s willingness to hit the streets and show us the purging the first film kind of lacked, The Purge: Election Year really seems to be jumping into the killing with both feet. I admire its gusto.

I also just admire the Purge movies in general, so I’m an easy mark for this one. I hope they keep making them forever and ever, though I wonder if the plot of this one may end with the outlawing of my beloved purge nights. Then again, that could lead to general chaos, which leads to EVERY night being purge night! Into it!

The Purge: Election Year comes out July 1.