James Franco’s FUTURE WORLD To Be Awesome SOUL PLANE Reunion

This movie sounds crazy.

James Franco never stops working, which means he always has at least a few movies on the way. All are pretty weird, but some are weirder than others.

Case in point, Future World, a post-apocalyptic science fiction tale (based on Franco’s own short story) about a guy named Prince and a robot pal as they journey through “the violent and desolate world of the Wastelands”. It’s being described as a thriller, so don’t expect a lot of laughs from the robot.

What’s even more interesting, however, is this film’s cast. So far it stars Franco and Milla Jovovich. But according to Variety, it also just picked up Lucy Liu, Snoop Dogg, and Method Man. That’s a very interesting combination of folks for a science fiction thriller. Most importantly, this makes the film a Soul Plane reunion, something we all very much need.

I personally can’t wait to hear more about this. Francophiles are really in luck lately. Going by IMDB, the guy has no less than five directed movies coming out this year. That’s nuts.