Discussion Thread: Let’s Talk About PREACHER

Well, what'd you guys think?

People like to joke about how we're living in the "darkest timeline". As hacky as the gag's become, I get it. A Donald Trump presidency is a thing that could conceivably happen. The Transformers franchise will churn out three new installments over the next few years. Lights Camera Jackson remains unimprisoned. None of this is a good look for us. 

On the other hand, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a full-blown (and almost universally beloved) empire. The Dark Tower is filming even as we speak, and will be in theaters early next year. And somehow - against all odds and in direct opposition to everything holy in this world - Garth Ennis' Preacher has landed on television. 

And somehow, even more miraculously, Garth Ennis' Preacher has arrived intact. 

At least, that's the impression I'm left with after the premiere. This isn't a direct translation of Ennis' work - some elements are the same, others have been drastically altered or reconfigured - but the tone is 100% the Preacher you know and love. One moment it's striking a self-serious pose, and the next it's gleefully wallowing in its own childish urges. The gore, the filppancy, the casual stabs at organized religion (and the faithful), the strange little character details...it's way too early to tell if this show will ultimately do Ennis' series justice, but I would say that I'm feeling very hopeful about its chances after this first episode. Cautiously optimistic.

Anyway, we know Preacher's as big a deal to you guys as it is to us, so we wanted to create a spot for the Birth.Movies.Death. readership to hash out their feelings regarding last night's pilot. That's what this post and its comment section are for. Do with it what you will, but here's a general guideline I think we should follow: I think episode-specific spoilers are fair game, but source material spoilers (particularly sensitive character information or end-game stuff) should be avoided. Don't be a dick and ruin anything major for anyone.

Beyond that, have at it. Let's hear what you thought about Preacher.