The First Trailer For Disney’s Live Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Is Here

This movie is probably going to make a bazillion dollars.

What do you get when you combine Bill Condon, Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Disney's recently-revealed talent for producing live-action remakes of its beloved animated properties?

The correct answer is "Next year's Beauty And The Beast", but I would have also accepted "A pile of money so big you'd need an extension ladder to see the top of it". 

Obviously, this is a very slight teaser trailer, the kind of thing a studio cuts together when they want to remind you they have a Very Big Deal headed your way, but don't have enough effects shots completed to put together a real trailer.

Who could complain, though? What's here - slight as it may be - is pretty damn impressive. The sets/production design look gorgeous, the tone (a carefully-balanced blend of spooky, magical, and romantic) is absolutely perfect, every shot's meticulously composed...this teaser trailer has done its job. 

It gets better when you remember how talented this cast and crew are: in addition to Condon, Watson, and Stevens, you've got High-Rise's Luke Evans as Gaston (that is some A+ casting, right there), Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, and Emma Thompson stepping up to Angela Lansbury's iconic Mrs. Potts role. With talent like this involved, I'm wondering why this isn't a Christmas release being positioned for an Oscars sweep.

Disney struck gold with Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book. My prediction is that they'll do the same again here. 

How you guys feeling about it?