Check Out This Brand-New FINDING DORY Trailer

Pixar's latest looks to be another emotional roller coaster.

Pixar's last movie, Inside Out, made me sob in the theater like a small child with a skinned knee (*pours one out for Bing Bong*), and I'm thinking that the company's next film, Finding Dory, will have a similar effect.

The last few trailers weren't really hooking me, but this one - which amps up the gags while also leaning a little heavier on the sad stuff - hit me right in the sweet spot. 

Check it out:

Let it be known that the gag at the end, with the sea lions (those are sea lions, right?), is my new jam. I need an entire Pixar trilogy about this guy, stat:

Finding Dory arrives on June 17th. You gonna see it or what?