Nicholas Hoult Gets Back In The Car For Felicity Jones In This COLLIDE Trailer

Looks like we have another super fun Ben Kingsley performance in our future.

Did Nicholas Hoult’s role in Mad Max: Fury Road turn him into a “car movie” kind of guy? Like Jason Statham or Burt Reynolds? That appears to be the case with this trailer for the poorly named Collide (formerly the slightly-less poorly named Autobahn). Check it out:

That might just be a generic b-movie to you, but I see the potential for something special, starting with the bits of Ben Kingsley we get to see. He appears to be playing some mixture of his Sexy Beast and Iron Man 3 characters, and I consider that a great kindness.

I also just like the general plot here. Guy has to go back to a life of crime to save his beloved lady from a bum kidney and gets in over his head. While in a car. That all sounds pretty swell to me. But I’m an easy mark for this stuff. What do you guys think?

Collide comes out August 19.