The Rock’s BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA Remake Did Not Quietly Dissipate As Hoped

You got your good John Carpenter remake news and your bad John Carpenter remake news.

It’s been an interesting twenty-four hours for fans who really adore remakes of John Carpenter movies. Last night news broke that Blumhouse will remake Halloween with Carpenter on board as Executive Producer. Not too shabby! But now we have this to contend with.

Word came out last June that The Rock would star in a Big Trouble in Little China remake. Since then, a whole bunch of other Rock movies, as well as movies he seems very likely to join, have come to light. This had the effect of letting us forget about Big Trouble and just assume it will never happen.

Not so, says the man himself in an interview with Fandango:

"That's happening, man!" Johnson exclaims. "That's happening, that's happening. And again, that's one of those things where you gotta take really good care of it."

So there’s no specific movement, but the film hasn’t disappeared either. Is this necessarily a bad thing? The Rock is, after all, pretty cool. I don’t know if he’s Kurt Russell cool, but he’s pretty up there. It’s easy to assume most remakes of beloved films will be awful, yet I imagine a Big Trouble remake would have to be different enough from the original to be its own beast. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.

In any case, this threat is still far off. The Rock has a gazillion things going on right now, and that’s on top of eating like 10,000 calories a day.