Two Nice Guys Discuss THE NICE GUYS For All You Nice People

Shane Black adapted Phil and Evan’s friendship. Did he do a good job?

Welcome back to the Birthcast Moviecast Deathcast Padcast Podcast. This week, we talk about pretty much everything. Yes, even your mom. We were very respectful.

Our main subject (after Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters, Neighbors 2, Midnight RunSing Street, and a bunch of other things) is Shane Black’s already criminally under-seen action comedy The Nice Guys. I honestly don’t understand why people didn’t want to see this one. It’s a slam dunk. Phil and I spend a lot of time discussing why.

Next week is a bit of a mystery. My grumpy ass and Phil’s grumpy ass would prefer to skip the new X-Men movie and do something different, but we’re not sure what. If you want to shoot some suggestions in the comments, go for it. Could be fun!

In the meantime, please share this podcast with as many people as you got. Rate it, add comments in iTunes, and all the rest of it. We’ll see you next week!