Gravity Might Explode A Martian Boy’s Heart In The First Trailer For THE SPACE BETWEEN US

It's a tale as old as time.

The first trailer for Peter Chelsom's The Space Between Us has arrived. If you're going to watch it, I recommend grabbing a box of Kleenex, because this thing is going to pull your heartstrings clear out of your chest, set them on fire, and scatter the ashes to the winds of Mars. It's really that romantic.

I know. You're crying. I'm crying. We're all crying (except Gary Oldman, who's just absent-mindedly humming to himself while he cashes his paycheck). Nothing to be ashamed about.

What we have here is the story of INITIATE PRESS RELEASE CUT-AND-PASTE (via SlashFilm):

Gardner Elliot, the first human born on Mars, is secretly raised in an experimental colony after his astronaut mother dies during childbirth. Sixteen years later, Gardner begins an online romance with a girl living in Colorado and hatches a plan to travel across the universe to meet her. Now, on the run, with Earth’s gravity threatening his very existence, Gardner must race against time and nature to find his love and win her heart. Once united, the two teens venture to seek out the enigmatic billionaire who funded the original expedition to Mars, in hopes of uncovering information about Gardner’s mother and the mysterious circumstances surrounding how Gardner came into existence.

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting on that one, press release.

No problem. What I'm here for.

Anyway, this star-crossed (har!) romance arrives on August 19th. You are not the target audience for it.