First Trailer For MORGAN Is Not As Mysterious As It Thinks It Is

Don't watch it all the way to the end.

So, here's the first trailer for a movie by the name of Morgan, which is the directorial debut of Luke Scott (son of Ridley). It's atmospheric, creepy, and - if you make the mistake of watching the video to its very final moments (which I'd advise against) - not nearly as mysterious as it thinks it is. 

Let's take a look.

You watched until the very end even though I told you not to, didn't you? 

For those of you who did decide to exercise a little self control this morning, here's the deal: this trailer goes to great lengths to keep Morgan's face hidden from view, only for a studio marketing card to reveal Morgan in full at the end. What she does or does not look like must be considered something of a spoiler, seeing as how the entire marketing campaign of the movie appears to be built around the "What is Morgan?" question. Good job on that, guys.

As for everything else: I like what I see here! I'm getting a pleasant Ex Machina vibe from all this, and lord knows I'm always happy to see a cast list that includes Kate Mara, Toby Jones, and Paul Giamatti. Y'know what else is exciting? Anya Taylor-Joy, last seen wrecking shop in The Witch (which is out on Blu-ray and should thus already be part of your physical media collection), is playing Morgan. Hell yeah.

Anyway, Morgan arrives at the beginning of September. You guys feeling it or not?