This Really Cool Movie Called THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS Is Hitting Theaters This Summer

Have you heard of this one yet?

The Fast and Furious series has gotten so huge, it’s sometimes difficult to remember back when it was just a cute Point Break ripoff without an overcomplicated mythology and full gym’s worth of swole characters with both gay and straight love triangles. Once upon a time it was just a story about a guy named Brian and a guy named Dom. And Dom’s sister. And Dom’s girlfriend. And Dom’s Dad’s car.

That was fifteen years ago, plenty of time for you to forget it yet maybe have a little curiosity for a rewatch. Luckily for you, it’s coming back to theaters:

The Fast and the Furious will hit theaters again Wednesday June 22, exactly fifteen years from when it came out originally. It’s still the same movie. They didn’t add any CG Shaw brothers as pesky kids or anything. I would prefer a whole marathon situation, but this is close enough and really kind of sweet. Hopefully they do the same thing for 2 Fast 2 Furious’ 15th.