DEEPWATER HORIZON Gets An Explosive Trailer And Some Dirty Character Posters

Kurt Russell is in this movie. All you need to know.

You never know with Peter Berg. Sometimes the guy’s ultra-patriotic Michael Bay riffs are goofy enough to charm, and sometimes that is really not the case. It’s hard to say which of those we’re getting with real life oil spill disaster film Deepwater Horizon:

This is not the film’s first trailer, but it is a better one despite the lame song that plays during the second half. Structurally, we can probably all imagine what kind of movie we’re getting here. Whether it’s good or not is the real question.

It does have a good cast, though (and by that, I mean Kurt Russell is in it). To get a better look at them covered in oil, check out these character posters:

Deepwater Horizon opens September 30.