The Pixar Issue Of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Is On Sale Now!

And it's gorgeous, if we may say so ourselves.

The next issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. magazine is available for pre-order right this second, and it's a celebration of all things Pixar. With Finding Dory on the horizon and with Toy Story turning 21 - old enough to drink! - we thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate and examine the history of Pixar, both as a storytelling juggernaut and as an indsustry-altering studio. 

This issue has the kind of smart looks at movies you have come to expect from BMD Magazine, including a heartbreaking meditation on loss and Up, what it means to grow up alongside Andy in the Toy Story movies, a loving look at The Incredibles and even a passionate defense of Cars 2! But that's not all - the magazine also includes an extensive, exclusive interview with Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton covering the history of Pixar and the studio's approach to its own creative culture. There's an interview with Michael Giacchino, who has scored many of Pixar's classics, a tour of the pre-history of Pixar (back when they were the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Group!) and more. Plus: a gallery of Mondo's Pixar art, an interview with cover artist Dave Perillo about his process and even more behind the scenes and deep dive articles. It's a bonanza!

Our first three issues all sold out, and I expect this one to follow suit, so get your pre-order in NOW. The magazine will reach you around the time the movie comes out, but we sold out of Captain America: Civil War magazines before the film was released; we may hold back a few issues for post-release, but we are NOT over printing this magazine. This will be a collector's issue, just as the previous three have been - you can wait to buy this on eBay for 30 bucks or more, or you can order it now for 6 dollars plus shipping. 

I'm very excited about this issue because I'm proud of our breadth - you can write smart, incisive and fun stuff about Pixar. Just because these are family films doesn't mean they aren't worthy of good writing. But just in case you're wondering: all the language in this magazine IS family friendly. You don't have to worry about your young children stumbling across something objectionable while they're admiring the incredible original art inside the mag. 

So what are you waiting for? Pre order right now! Click here!