Jeff Daniels And Scoot McNairy Could Join Netflix Western Series, GODLESS

Executive produced by Steven Soderbergh!

There aren’t enough Westerns on TV, but it looks like one limited series is coming to help tip the balance a bit. Stephen Soderbergh is co-executive producing a show called Godless for Netflix which will take place in a New Mexico mining town in the 1800s. That’s all we know about it plot-wise.

Scott Frank, who will write and direct, is currently casting the show. Jack O’Connell is already attached, but it looks like Jeff Daniels and Scoot McNairy may join as well. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see a grizzled-out Western Jeff Daniels (probably not too different from how he looked in Gettysburg and Gods & Generals). Meanwhile Scoot McNairy is good in just about everything. If they join, this could really stand out as some prestige television (streaming television, anyway).

But, they haven’t joined yet. Meanwhile, I’m sure there’s a lot of casting to come. Luck, fortune and spiritual fulfillment probably won’t be on their side thanks to the show’s title. But that’s one thing Netflix money is good for.