Rosa Salazar To Sala-Star In BATTLE ANGEL ALITA

Robert Rodriguez is apparently still making this movie.

James Cameron developed his adaptation of the manga, Battle Angel Alita for a long time but gave the reins to Robert Rodriguez after deciding to spend the rest of his life making Avatar films. That happened last October. Last we heard, three actresses were vying for the lead role - Rosa Salazar, Zendaya, and Maika Monroe.

It looks like Rosa Salazar got it. According to Collider Salazar will be your Battle Angel Alita.

But what is a Battle Angel Alita? It’s a lady cyborg found in a dumpster by some scientist guy who turns her into a bounty hunter. She has many crazy abilities but no memory of how she got them. It’s based on a manga, so she probably also doesn’t have pants.

There’s no word on when Rodriguez and Salazar will actually get down to making the film or how it will affect Rodriguez’s Jonny Quest adaptation, but if they got an actress already is seems likely that the rest will come together soon.