The Rock To Star In SKYSCRAPER, A DIE HARD Movie Set In China

He’s just going to punch a building until it breaks.

One day, science will discover how the Rock’s days manage to be forty-eight hours long and we can all share (or squander) his amazing productivity. It’s hard to believe how many movies the guy has ahead of him.

Well, we can add another one. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary will put out a film starring the Rock called Skyscraper, which is being loosely described as a kind of Die Hard set in China, presumably in a Chinese skyscraper.

That sounds like a win-win movie situation, both domestically and with overseas audiences, which might explain the huge bidding war the script started. Skyscraper will be written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who directed the Rock’s upcoming Central Intelligence.

I’d like to see this as soon as possible, but we might have to wait for it to come out as soon as probable instead. The good news is you can still tell yourself it’ll come out ASAP.