Y’Know, Showtime’s ROADIES Doesn’t Look Half Bad

In which Cameron Crowe and JJ Abrams make a TV show together.

Real talk: after the triple-threat of Elizabethtown, We Bought A Zoo, and Aloha, I was comfortable with the idea of me and Cameron Crowe going our separate ways. A lot of Crowe's earlier work had been right up my alley (I will even defend Vanilla Sky), but over the past decade it felt like he was drifting further and further into...well, let's call it ill-advised territory. I decided I could no longer follow him on his journey. 

This is why I ignored the first trailer for Showtime's Roadies, a new series created by Crowe and executive produced by JJ Abrams.

But then, this morning, I decided to give the show's second trailer a shot, and...

...hey, that doesn't look half bad! In fact, it looks very watchable. You can see how the format (a crew of roadies, doing their thing as they travel the country) could lend itself to a series, and none of these characters seem as precious as I feared they'd be. I'm also encouraged by the cast, which includes Green Room's Imogen Poots and the always-awesome Carla Gugino, as well as Rafe Spall and - in what I'm assuming is the lead role - Luke Wilson. 

Yes, I will give this show a chance. Here's hoping I don't get fooled again.

Roadies debuts June 26th. You gonna check it out?