Hobbs Is Apparently Some Sort Of Biker Now In FAST 8

Get your first look at his new look.

Fast 8 has been shooting long enough for details to start coming out. One detail no one really thought to anticipate is what the Rock will look like in the film. After all, he’s been in a few of these now and looks pretty much the same each time: big and sweaty. But now, thanks to a Facebook post from the man himself, we see he’s become something more:

Perhaps more interesting than the photo itself is the caption, in which the Rock claims Hobbs has been stripped of all he has in this film. I feel like that can only mean a few different things. One, his daughter gets killed. Two, his hetero life mate Elena gets killed. Or three, Fast 8 offs both those fools.

I don’t see a Fast & Furious movie killing a little kid, so I’m betting Elena doesn’t last long. That’s just speculation, but it makes sense as her whole role in the series is to have awful things happen to her. RIP, Elena. Maybe you’ll find someone to love you in Heaven.

And speaking of wild speculation, Fast 8 has a series of YouTube videos celebrating each week of filming. The newest one, which highlights the filming of a scene in which the whole gang is back together, offers something major to chew on:

While it’s cool to see everyone in the same room, you also have to wonder what Jason Statham is doing there. Unless, you know, he gets to be part of the team this time. That is precisely the awesome kind of dumb I want from this series.