BONDWATCH: Are 007 Producers Eyeing Their First Female Director?

On the heels of Sam Mendes’ confirmed exit, THE NIGHT MANAGER’s Susanne Bier joins the BOND 25 speculation party.

Another week, another batch of Bond rumors. I’m a little suspicious of this one, coming as it is on the heels of widespread confirmation that Sam Mendes won’t be returning after Spectre. That’s actually quite old news (especially to anyone who watched Spectre), so it’s a little tidy that this rumor is hitting just a couple days later.

But according to the Radio Times, Barbara Broccoli and Eon are looking at The Night Manager director Susanne Bier to take the reins of Bond 25. The Radio Times elaborates:

Sources close to Bond producers Eon tell that Bier is among a “handful” of names making up producer Barbara Broccoli’s shortlist to inherit the directing gig from Mendes.

If Bier gets the job it would make her the first woman ever to helm a James Bond movie – and would also vastly increase the chances of the already hotly-tipped Hiddleston getting the role of Bond thanks to the pair's previous working relationship.

Did you spot the part that makes no sense at all? I'll tell you. It’s the part where they say Bier’s hiring would “vastly increase the chances” of Hiddleston getting the gig. Word, Radio Times? Quite the other way around, I suspect.

That's not to say Bier is some slouch: in addition to The Night Manager (which I greatly enjoyed, even if its plot was strangely reminiscent of the 1980s TV crime drama Wiseguy), Bier has helmed 14 features since 1991. Her English-language work includes the 2014 Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence dud Serena, and 2007’s Things We Lost In The Fire, both of which put her somewhat troublingly in the, shall we say, Marc Forster vein of recent Bond directors. 

On the other hand, the characters, suspense and intrigue were handled quite wonderfully in The Night Manager. Paired with a cracking second unit (and a much-needed return of editor Stuart Baird), Bier could indeed do quite well as the first-ever woman Bond director. Thoughts?