GRIDLOCKED Red Band Trailer: Who Needs Plot When You Have Guns?

You will believe guns work in this movie.

You have to hand it to this red band (though it’s super light as far as red bands go) trailer for upcoming b-action film Gridlocked. Instead of telling us what the movie’s about, it just gets to an insane amount of weapons discharging:

So yeah. People fire guns in this movie. Some of those people are Stephen Lang, Dominic Purcel, Vinnie Jones, and Danny Glover. Also there’s an Eminem song. What more do you really need to know?

I somehow managed to miss this at last year’s Fantastic Fest. That’s how it goes. Sometimes you miss the movie that is most up your alley. Nevertheless, I will right that wrong at some point. You can see it as well when Gridlocked comes out on VOD June 14.