Amy Schumer Will Crash Your Bachelor Party In WHO INVITED HER?

For the purposes of this comedy, that will be a bad thing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amy Schumer has signed on to produce and star in Who Invited Her?, a new comedy being (re)written by Inside Amy Schumer scribe Tami Sagher. 

Who Invited Her? will star Schumer as "an overbearing woman who forces her way into her male best friend’s bachelor party weekend", which sounds like a setup designed in a Hollywood lab for maximum comedy efficiency (that's not a complaint). I also like the subtext involved in having Schumer - a female comedian who has found great success in an arena usually dominated by men - elbowing her way into the good time being had by a bunch of dudebros. This project already works.

Schumer's got a few more irons in the fire (a mother/daughter adventure comedy with Goldie Hawn, a project she's said to be co-writing with Jennifer Lawrence), and it sounds like Who Invited Her? may happen right in between those. 

Stay tuned for updates as they arrive.