Brie Larson Is In Talks To Play Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is being cast.

It's been one of the two big questions surrounding Marvel Phase Three: who will play Captain Marvel? (The other big question is who will direct Captain Marvel?) The answer may be coming into focus, as Variety reports that Brie Larson is in early talks with Marvel for the role. 

Larson might be a little younger than some of the actresses who fans have been considering, but that just gives Marvel more years to keep Captain Marvel at the forefront of their movies. Larson's a pretty great choice as an actress and as a charismatic human being (which is like the number one most important thing you need to be as a Marvel actor). She's done mostly indie stuff to date, with a small foray into fantastical stuff in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and with a big foray into blockbuster action in Kong: Skull Island, starring Loki and Nicky Fury. I wonder if those two have had any impact on her decision making process. 

Captain Marvel is about two years out yet, so I am assuming the casting happening now means Carol Danvers will appear in another Phase Three movie, much as Black Panther popped up in Captain America: Civil War. The question is whether it will be a quick cameo appearance or a more in-depth appearance (like the aforementioned Black Panther). If I were speculating wildly and without responsibility I would say that Larson's casting would put her either in Spider-Man: Homecoming or Thor: Ragnarok. It might be harder to squeeze Danvers - a USAF pilot turned Kree-empowered superhuman - into a Spidey story, but a Thor movie - even one where only a fraction of the action takes place on Earth - would be a great place to introduce her, especially in a pre-super power way. I suppose the casting could be timed to The Avengers Movie Formerly Known as Infinity War Part 1, which could start shooting by the end of the year. 

Of course Larson's talks themselves are early, so who knows what happens. But it's heartening to know that Marvel's casting stays on point.