Have Fun With Your Very Own SWISS ARMY MAN

An online marketing game that doesn’t suck.

I assume everyone wants to see Swiss Army Man (aka, The Daniel Radcliffe Farting Corpse Movie). I mean, when you have a movie in which Paul Dano turns a corpse into a machine gun that can chop wood and propel you through water with the power of flatulence, how can anyone refuse?

To help get word out on the film, A24 has created a fun website game thing where you can play with your very own Swiss Army Man. He’s basically a digital rag doll you just throw around the computer screen, but if you let the site text you, many of his super powers will be revealed. Above all, you can make him fart to your heart’s content.

These things are always a little dumb, and your fun probably won’t last more than five minutes, but if you’re going to make a movie about one man extremely disrespecting the sanctity of another man’s corpse, you might as well let the audience get in on that shit too. Check it out here.