LEGION Offers First Look At Dan Stevens’ Unkept Mutant

This is not the heartthrob you were looking for.

FX just ordered a full eight-episode season of Marvel TV show, Legion, which adapts the story of Professor X’s kid, a mutant who, if I understand correctly, has ALL the goddamn mutant abilities. And may be insane. The TV version of the character is sure to have significantly less going-on power wise, and probably won't actually be Xavier's son.

To celebrate, Marvel has offered us our first look at Dan Stevens in the role:

This may be a draft away from the real look since production hasn’t quite started yet. They have a pilot, but little changes often take place between pilot and series. The show will be overseen by Fargo’s Noah Hawley, which should make people happy. In addition to Dan Stevens, it will feature Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, and Rachel Keller.

And while it is a Marvel show that features a mutant, don’t expect any cross-overs with Fox’s X-Men franchise. Legion is said to take place in an alternate universe than the one we’ve seen on the big screen.