MONSTER TRUCKS Trailer: You May Have A Hard Time Believing This Exists

Who says there are no original ideas in Hollywood?

So here’s an idea I doubt any of us have seen before. Some kind of alien snot monster befriends a teenager and ends up taking over the guts of his truck, thereby turning it into an unstoppable alien truck.

I’m describing a real movie. It’s called Monster Trucks and the unbelievable trailer is right here:

I look upon that with silenced awe. For what it’s supposed to be, essentially a goofy ‘90s live action Disney movie, it actually doesn’t look awful. The snot monster is cute! It would be fun to have an alien truck! Danny Glover! On the other hand, this is definitely one of the goofier mainstream movie ideas I’ve seen in a while. I think they were guessing this would work and just blindly committed 100%. I appreciate that gusto.

But we’re still stuck with this movie. I hope it makes a gazillion bucks. But I don’t think it’ll make a gazillion bucks. Transformers 5 will, even though it’s possible Monster Trucks will be way better.