BATMAN V SUPERMAN R-Rated Cut Gets A Trailer

How bad do you want to see Jena Malone in this thing?

So Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came and went and the main thing it managed to do was anger people and cause a still-occurring shakeup at Warner Bros. But we always knew there was one final inch of life to this movie: Zack Snyder’s much longer, R-rated cut. Well, it’s almost here and now has a trailer (courtesy of Collider):

Sure, I saw some bits and pieces in there that looked new. I heard (and barely understood) some chunks of dialog I hadn’t heard before. I saw two seconds of Jena Malone. But what I did not experience was an urge to actually check this out.

Look, this movie wasn’t any good. I don’t think an extra half hour is going to fix that. It just sounds like more bad. Of course, curiosity will force many to see this, and I may join their ranks a couple years down the line. But for now, I’m good. My Batman v Superman watch has ended.

But for the rest of you, this comes out digitally on June 28 and physically July 19.