Check Out The First Time Brie Larson Played A Superhero

CAPTAIN MARVEL won't be Brie's first flight.

As Andy Warhol once said, “In the future, everyone will play a superhero in the MCU.” This week Brie Larson does her part in fulfilling that prophecy as she enters talks to play Captain Marvel. I have to confess, I’m not following these things too closely, but people sure are excited! I assume it’s because they’re big fans of Ms. Larson’s first superhero turn, as Princess Valhalla in Showtime’s multiple-personality dramedy The United States Of Tara.* (Actually, she played a rather complex, human role on the series, and Princess Valhalla was a fictional character within the show’s universe. But still!)

If the below video is any indication, Marvel’s Phase 3 is going to be something special indeed.

And here's Ms. Larson as Princess Valhalla sitting on a cake for a webcam customer. Yeah, I don't know, either. Don't expect this kind of action in the MCU. 

*Speaking of this show, when will creator Diablo Cody enter the superhero movie fray, and which property should she tackle?