Jake Gyllenhaal To Battle Poor People In Ubisoft’s THE DIVISION Adaptation

Also maybe some dogs.

Ubisoft’s The Division is a big, huge, record breaking kind of game. From what I understand, the story takes place in a version of New York that has been decimated by smallpox. You play an agent of something called the Strategic Homeland Division. Your job is to go in and force poor people out of buildings.

According to Variety, Ubisoft will produce a big screen adaptation of The Division which will star none other than Jake Gyllenhaal as Mr. Division. Gyllenhaal will get a producer credit as well. The film currently does not have a writer or director.

It’s hard to imagine Gyllenhaal would be eager to get back into the video game adaptation world after his Prince of Persia experience, but it’s doubtful this will adhere to as many cheesy tropes. I assume this will be a much grittier action film with lots of technical military jargon and shootouts, though an R-rating probably isn’t in the cards.

A lot of things still need to come together for this. Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal has a bunch of movies to work on. So don’t expect this in theaters next week. But maybe the week after that!