Lin-Manuel Miranda Puts His Last HAMILTON Date On The Calendar

His “One Last Time” is quickly approaching.

The Hamilton cast we’ve all fallen in love with couldn’t last forever, and today we find out exactly when this particular era of the show will conclude. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the show and plays Alexander Hamilton (I doubt you really needed to be told that) has set his exit date.

If you have Hamilton tickets for performances between now and July 9, consider yourself very lucky. If you don’t, well, I don’t think you’re going to get any. That Saturday will mark Miranda’s departure from the show. I imagine it’ll be a performance with a huge dose of additional emotional heft, and I hope all the billionaires in attendance gain something from it.

The rest of the cast’s contracts also expire at this time. Renegotiations are afoot, which could lead to more cast members moving on as well. It’s sad but inevitable. Like death! You’re all going to die at some point. Most of you without having seen the original Broadway Hamilton cast.

The good news is that Hamilton will live on. Not only that, but it’ll hit the road, giving way more of us opportunities to finally see it performed. Also, science may come up with a way for us to live forever! See, it’s not all bad.