Cate Blanchett May Class-Up The All Female OCEAN’S ELEVEN Film

Please let this happen.

As you all probably remember, Hunger Games director Gary Ross is putting together an all-female Ocean’s Eleven film that would exist within the already established all-bro Ocean’s Eleven universe. The film is going to star the great Sandra Bullock as the Danny Ocean-type leader.

But every Danny Ocean-type needs a constantly eating Brad Pitt-type. According to The Playlist, that role could fall to Cate Blanchett, but only if the world is a wonderful and just place.

The bad news is scheduling might keep Jennifer Lawrence from joining the film, something that was a real possibility last month. While not seeing the combo of Bullock, Blanchett and Lawrence on screen together would be disappointing, this project is likely to attract an impressive roster of great actresses who want to join.

The Playlist also claims the unofficial title for this is Ocean’s Ocho, which indicates there will be only eight ladies instead of eleven. I’m not sure we need eleven anyway. I barely remember the contortionist guy, for instance.

This remains a very exciting project that should definitely grow in stature as more people get cast. The Angry Video Game Nerd probably won’t watch it, but I sure will.