BONDWATCH: Tom Hiddleston “Doesn’t Think” He’s Playing James Bond

Or maybe he's a lying liar, who's lying to us.

Tom Hiddleston was at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend and I didn’t go! Am I a bad Bond fan, or worse, a Bad Bond Blogger?? Is my aversion to noisy crowds such that I would miss an opportunity to ask Hiddleston about the 007 scuttlebutt that stopped justthisshort of saying the role is his if he wants it?

Not to worry: thousands of other people (aka my worst nightmare) were there, and I knew someone would ask Hiddleston about Bond 25 while I sat home in my underwear and rewatched Casino Royale and The Living Daylights. Here’s what the man is saying as of this week:

I don’t think that announcement is coming, but I am very gratified to hear the enthusiasm. Your guess is as good as mine, to be honest.

So what does this mean? It doesn’t mean anything! You know that; I know that. But this is what passes for news on a Monday morning, and I’d rather you read it here than somewhere else. And I’m not going to pass up a chance, especially two days after re-watching Casino Royale, to say once more: Please, movie Jesus, please let Daniel Craig come back for one more. Please let him take all the negative energy thrown his way this year and use it the same way he used all the craignotbond stuff in 2006. Let him come back as a guy with one last thing to prove and give us one last great entry. Amen.

Folks are pointing to Craig’s busy 2016 work schedule – the upcoming Showtime series Purity, and Steven Soderbergh’s NASCAR heist flick Lucky Logan – as proof he’s done with Bond, but Craig has taken a four-year Bond break before, and absolutely packed it with other work. He could still come back. He could! LET ME HAVE THIS! (Also, we as a culture are not nearly excited enough for a Soderbergh NASCAR heist movie starring Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum. Get hype, people!)

If Hiddleston’s not being coy and the Bond gig isn’t panning out for him, head over to Netflix to see my top choice for 007th 007. Hint: