Ian McShane McShares Some New McInformation About JOHN WICK 2

"Keanu gets a new dog."

Entertainment Weekly's got a brand-new interview with Ian McShane up, and for the most part their chatter revolves around McShane's new role on Game Of Thrones. But work your way all the way to the bottom of the piece, and you'll find McShane sharing a few new tidbits of information about John Wick 2.

Asked what we can expect from him in the sequel, McShane says:

Well, I’m kind of the only one left from the first one. This is same kind of premise. It’s not like two years later, but pretty soon after the first one. Keanu (Reeves) is a great guy. They got this terrific Italian kid, Riccardo Scamarcio, who plays the chief villain, who’s excellent, and we have a lot of stuff together. And the guy who directs it, Chad Stahelski, is really smart. He’s been Keanu’s stunt guy for (nearly) 20 years and he’s studied muay-thai. He’s got every stunt man who’s available for (this film). The action looks like it was done by somebody out of Hong Kong instead of Hollywood which I always think is a great sight.

OK, so...that really doesn't tell us much about what McShane'll be doing this time around, but still: I like the sound of Keanu Reeves and company going after "every stunt man who's available" in order to pull this thing off. 

When EW asks if John Wick 2 will, like its predecessor, focus on a "vengeance premise", McShane says:

Keanu gets a new dog. But yes, it’s about what comes on him after that. It’s all about the assassin’s code, if you like. He’s killed a Russian gangster and now there’s a contract out on him, so it’s a continuation. I loved the first one. This could be even better than the first.

This is standard-issue sequel-talk (what's he gonna say? "It might not be as good as the first one"?), but this is Ian McShane we're talking about here. If he says it, it must be true. What am I gonna do? Call Ian McShane a liar? That man is terrifying.

Anyway, John Wick 2 arrives on Valentine's Day weekend, 2017. See it with someone who loves seeing people get shot in the face.