James Wan Explains Why He’s So Excited About AQUAMAN

Plus: some non-specific thoughts on AQUAMAN's villains (yes, plural)!

Director James Wan is making the interview rounds to promote this weekend's The Conjuring 2, and so of course he's being asked about Aquaman, the DCU film Wan's slated to put in theaters in 2018. 

While speaking with CinemaBlend's Eric Eisenberg, Wan let drop a few details about the film. For starters, we should expect more than one villain:

"I gotta say, one thing I love about the Aquaman world is all the really different, really interesting characters. They are interesting characters, including the villains – I’m not going to tell you which villains I’m going to play with! (Laughs) But they’re super cool. They’re very larger than life, but they’re unique."

I should be totally upfront here and just admit that I'm wildly ignorant of Aquaman's mythology, so I can't even begin to speculate which villains Wan might be bringing to the table. Is one of them, like, a big evil shark? That sounds right, and I would totally pay money to see Jason Momoa fighting a gigantic shark (or, better yet, some sort of shark-man). 

Asked why he wanted to make the film in the first place, Wan says it was a combination of the challenge and the unique nature of Aquaman's world:

"That’s what I’ll speak to – the uniqueness of the Aquaman world. There are so many superhero movies now; I don’t want to make a superhero movie now for the sake of doing it, but there’s something unique to the world of Aquaman. There’s a reason why they’ve never made a movie about this until now, because technology has never allowed us to tackle something this complicated. And so because of that it feels like something different, and that uniqueness is what I’m excited about.

He's certainly right about Aquaman seeming like it'd make for a complicated shoot. Luckily, it sounds like Wan and Zack Snyder have already cooked up a solution to that particular problem

Head over to CinemaBlend to read the rest of their report, or just head to the comments below and speculate on which villains Wan may be pitting Aquaman against (also, please let me know if there is, in fact, an evil shark-man for Momoa to fight).