Turns Out, The Actual Title Of JUSTICE LEAGUE Is Just JUSTICE LEAGUE

Geoff Johns sets the record straight.

Last week, we heard (via Heroic Hollywood) that the folks at Warner Bros. were kicking around four different titles for Zack Snyder's forthcoming Justice League movie.

The candidates were said to include: Justice League: Angels And Demons, Justice League: United, Justice League: Gods Among Us, and Justice League: Gods Among Men. We had some fun thinking up some other potentital titles for the film, but it sounds like Warner Bros. wasn't a fan. 

Here's Geoff Johns offering some clarification:


So, just Justice League. No colon, no fancy-pants subtitle - just straight-up Justice League. How can ya not like that?

Justice League allegedly remains on track for a November 2017 release date (its as-yet-unnamed sequel will arrive in 2019).